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Visual Superscript® The Best Value in Pharmacy Software

Visual Superscript is a true Windows application. It is a program designed specifically for the Windows environment (98, ME, 2000, XP, etc.), as opposed to some others that simply run under Windows, sometimes with an outer shell that gives them a Windows like appearance. What is the relevance of this distinction for you as a pharmacist?

Maximum Compatibility and Protection Against Obsolescence: Windows is by far the most popular operating system for today's computers. It is only natural that every hardware and software manufacturer strives to make their products Windows compatible. And given Microsoft's commitment to Windows, its predominance is virtually guaranteed in the foreseeable future. As a Visual Superscript user, you enjoy access to the widest array of compatible products and your software investment is protected against obsolescence.

Lower Costs: If software developers had to build their programs from scratch, these programs would take forever, cost a fortune and would be impossible to maintain. Fortunately, there are some software development tools that can provide the foundation and building blocks for a software project allowing it to be completed at a fraction of the effort. Thus, with the most sophisticated programming tools available only for the Windows environment, a feature-packed system such as Visual Superscript can be developed and maintained at a fraction of cost of developing systems with far less capabilities in other environments. As a Visual Superscript user, you reap the benefits.

Unparalleled Capabilities: The availability of the most sophisticated programming tools,referred to earlier, also allows us to provide features that programmers cannot even dream about in other programming environments. The seamless integration of faxing capabilities, the automatic access to the internet (for claims adjudication, price updates, etc), the multi-tasking capabilities that enable you to respond to each customer's need as soon as it arises, will simply amaze you. But don't take our word for it. By ordering our free demo, find out for yourself why Visual Superscript is the best value in Pharmacy Software.

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